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Syracuse Lawn Mowing

Are you searching for Syracuse lawn mowing services for your established lawn? Marathon Grounds Care is a locally owned business here in Syracuse NY.  We understand that producing beautiful, vibrant and healthy lawns does not just happen. It takes diligence and consistent care to deliver well-established lawns. Since 1979 we have been providing results that our customers experience and their neighbors long to have. 
Our weekly scheduled mowing service includes trimming along all edges and landscapes, and removal of all clippings from hardscape surfaces. As well as constantly being attentive for any potential complications. If any should arise we will notify you with offered solutions plan of management. With ongoing lawn care, custom-fit to meet the requirements of your lawn is a cost-effective solution alternative to unhealthy and or damaged beyond repair worry you will avoid when you choose our lawn mowing services.  We take pride in delivering show-case lawns that display the quality of the services we provide. Now with our $40.00 off referral coupon, you can share your experience with your family, friends, and neighbors.  When your referral becomes a client with Margrounds we will apply the $40.00 to your next service. 
alt Make a referral! You will receive $40 off when you refer a friend or neighbor who becomes a customer with Marathon Grounds Care. When your referral becomes a customer we’ll send you a coupon worth $40 to apply toward your own service.
24-Hour Service Guarantee We will respond to any service call request by visit or return phone call within one working day or receipt of your call or your next mowing service is FREE. Service calls are FREE. We want our customers to remain happy and loyal.

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