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Lawn Care & Maintenance

When it comes to lawn care can you honestly say that your lawn as healthy and beautiful as it can be? Here at Marathon Grounds Care, we understand the time and dedication it takes to maintain a lawn. In fact, it’s our EXPERTISE.

Marathon Grounds Care approach can be characterized:

in one word . . . TRUSTED!

Reasons For Hiring A Professional Lawn Care Service.

  • Time – There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want ― Bill Watterson
  • Saving Money – Neglected lawns lead to invasive weeds, disease, and pests. The overall cost of correcting these issues outweighs the cost of professional lawn care, which would have been prevented, to begin with.
  • Experience – As professionals, we know exactly what your yard needs, and can create and maintain your individual care plan that meets your yard’s needs.
  • Equipment – You will not need to invest in lawn care equipment, including the gas, and oil and maintenance to maintain them.
  • Improves Air Quality – Full, lush beautiful lawns leave little room for weeds, which means less pollen and dust. This is beneficial especially if you have a family member with allergies. alt
We have the expertise to maintain your lawn to be healthy and beautiful!
alt Make a referral! You will receive $40 off when you refer a friend or neighbor who becomes a customer with Marathon Grounds Care. When your referral becomes a customer we’ll send you a coupon worth $40 to apply toward your own service.
24-Hour Service Guarantee We will respond to any service call request by visit or return phone call within one working day or receipt of your call or your next mowing service is FREE. Service calls are FREE. We want our customers to remain happy and loyal.

Who is servicing your lawn? Learn more about our team and the

reasons why you should choose Marathon Grounds Care…